Healthy Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Here Are Some Healthy Weight Loss Tips

These weight loss tips that you are about to discover may be hard to keep up for the long haul but these methods of losing weight have worked for me and others as well.

1) If you have a food scale put it away. You don’t have to measure your food to control your portions. Portion control is all about the serving size. When you consume smaller portions of food, you won’t consume as many calories.

2) You should stash healthy food at work. If you have one of those boring 9 to 5 cubicle desk jobs where you tend to get hungry an hour before lunch and sleepy in the late afternoon instead of walking over to the vending machine to get an unhealthy snack, you can grab from your healthy stash of fresh fruits and unsalted nuts to curb your food cravings and boredom.

3) You can also carry with you a shaker cup along with your water bottle. You can fill up your shaker cup with a chocolate protein powder add water and drink up. Healthy protein powders gives you the energy you need to keep you going throughout your day, burns calories, and it keeps you satisfied until meal time.

4) To help with your portion control, you can get yourself a 4x4 inch Styrofoam box and put whatever you want in there. This will help you to not overeat. So, when you feel like going to the cafeteria and everything looks so good, you can only put so much in that one little box.

5) I know this weight loss tip to be true. When you brush and floss your teeth after having your supper, you are less likely to want to eat again before going to bed.

6) A great motivational tool to lose weight is a before and after photo of yourself in nothing but a sports bra and panties or if you are a man reading this you should put on just bikini briefs. When you lose weight and get that celebrity toned body you’ve always wanted, these before and after pictures can be a constant reminder of how far you have come in your weight loss. So if you begin to slip back into your old eating habits, you have your before and after pictures to remind you of why you wanted to get fit in the first place.

7) You should cut out all liquid calories in your diet or at least enjoy them sparingly. Liquid calories are alcoholic beverages, sodas, sweetened drinks and juices. These beverages are loaded with sugar and excess calories your body can do without.

8) Another tool that you can use to motivate yourself to lose weight is to don on some skinny jeans that are one size to tight. Wearing those skinny jeans or tight fitting slacks will remind you to stay away from high fat greasy foods.

9) I know you have read and heard this before but drink plenty of water. Water is a great curb appetite suppressant that is calorie free and a fantastic weight reducer. If you don’t care for water spritz it up with some thinly sliced cucumber or lemon.

10) Last but not least, eat a healthy nutritious breakfast like pancakes or oatmeal topped with fresh fruit. Eating a healthy breakfast gets your metabolism going. This gives you the energy you need to get through your morning and it also curbs your cravings to snack before lunch.

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